Willy Thibodeaux: The Bionic Dog
Slow few weeks…

With the end of the semester and my increased workload all around, I haven’t been posting much.  I’ll start sending more photos from my phone- I’ve been taking LOTS of those because I got a kitten about two weeks ago and all three of the boys are now doing seriously adorable things pretty much constantly. 

We did get another donation this week, though, so I’m glad we haven’t completely fallen off the radar! 

Holy crap.

We’re up to $320!  In less than a week!

You are all wonderful, and I must note that whatever’s in the water in Taunton, Massachusetts seems to grow some extremely generous people.  Hell, whatever’s in the water on the internet is pretty strong stuff, too.

I’ve been telling Willy every day about our progress, and I get that he has no idea what I’m on about but he sure seems to like the hugs I give him when I finish updating him.  Charlie always gets a hug, too, because brothers have to share.

I love you all so much.  Thank you for your help, and for the kind and thoughtful messages you send- it all means more than I can say, and I can say plenty.

Two donations already!

This is so exciting.  I wish I could explain to Willy so he could be excited, too, but instead I’m just going to give him a big hug.

We’re on our way!